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 Our Transparent Pricing Approach

At Dobe Rent, we believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. Unlike traditional models, our pricing structure is designed to align our success with yours. Here's how it works

Commission-Based Model:
- We operate on a commission-based model, ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with yours. We only benefit when you do, creating a partnership where success is mutual.

No Upfront Costs:
- There are no upfront costs or hidden fees when you join forces with Dobe Rent. We believe in a collaborative approach, and you'll only incur charges when your property gets booked.

Commission cap:
- Our commission is capped at a maximum of 20-25% of the nightly rate. This means that, at most, we'll increase the nightly price by this percentage to cover our services. This amount is inclusive of our profit margin.

Win-Win Situation:
- Our commitment to your success is unwavering. You'll find that our pricing strategy is a win-win, ensuring that your property remains competitive in the market while allowing us to provide exceptional services.

No Booking, No Costs:
- Importantly, you only incur costs when a booking is secured through Dobe Rent. In the absence of bookings, there are no charges. This reflects our dedication to delivering value and results.

We're here to make your vacation rental experience hassle-free and financially rewarding. Join us at Dobe Rent, where your success is our success.


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