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1. What is Dobe Rent and how does it work?
Dobe Rent is a professional rental management company that helps vacation rental owners make the most of their properties. We take over management such as cleaning and problem solving, marketing and communication with guests, optimization of advertisements so that hosts can focus on other aspects of their lives or business.

2. How can I register with Dobe Rent?
Registering with Dobe Rent is easy. Complete our form on the website or contact us at or booking chat for more information.

3. What are the costs for collaboration with Dobe Rent?
Our collaboration model is free of charge for landlords. We add a small commission to the nightly rate for guests, making our services free of charge for hosts. The increase in the price will not affect the rental because this is such a minimal increase in combination with how the rental will be handled that guests will pay double the price.

4. How long does it take before my property is available for bookings online?
After submitting the registration form and approving our collaboration, we aim to make your home available online within 1 week / to optimize it for successful rental.

5. What services does Dobe Rent offer?
Dobe Rent offers a comprehensive suite of services including rental management, marketing, customer service and property optimization for a better guest experience.

6. How does Dobe Rent optimize my home?
We provide professional advertising, effective pricing, detailed descriptions, personal brand package and continuous monitoring to ensure that your home stands out and achieves the best results.

7. How can I contact Dobe Rent?
You can contact us via or by telephone (whatsapp) at +31647148322. Our team is ready to answer your questions and assist you.

8. How are payments processed for bookings?
Payments are processed securely via our platform. Guests pay prior to their stay, andhosts receive their receipts after guests check out.

9. How is the quality of my home guaranteed for guests?
We set high quality standards and carry out regular inspections. Any issues are addressed quickly to ensure an excellent guest experience.

10. How do I handle guest reviews?
We encourage honest reviews. Positive feedback is appreciated, and if there are any negative comments, we take it seriously and work together to make improvements. All feedback is also recorded to get an overview of what is going on. A common complaintgives an indication to create change.

11. What are the contractual obligations for landlords?
The contractual obligations include maintaining a clean and safe home, complying with local regulations and respecting the guest's privacy.

12. Does Dobe Rent also apply a probationary period?
Yes, landlords may enter into a 2-month trial period with Dobe Rent. During these 2 months, everything will proceed the same as with the normal agreement, but both parties are within their right to terminate the collaboration without any reason after 2 months.

13. Does Dobe Rent offer technical support?
Yes, we offer comprehensive technical support through multiple programs. Our team is ready to answer questions and resolve any technical issues.

14. How does Dobe Rent deal with liability issues?
We have clear protocols for liability issues. In case of unforeseen situations, we work together with the landlord to find a suitable solution.

15. What are the cancellation policies for bookings?
We will jointly review the cancellation policies that suits the best for you and your accommodation. Dobe Rent will then adhere to these terms.

For specific questions or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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